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(updated 31/01/2012)

emotID srl (hereinafter “emotID”) respects the privacy of its users and undertakes to protect the personal data it acquires. The user can surf the emotID websites in general without providing any personal information, but they will have to provide certain personal data to use the emotID web and mobile applications. emotID notes that the data provided voluntarily by the user will be processed exclusively for the purpose of providing the services it offers in accordance with prevailing law.

Collecting personal data
Personal data refers to any information that can be used to identify an individual, company or other entity. This includes but is not limited to data such as the name and surname, the date of birth, the gender and in some cases the e-mail address or other information needed to contact the user. emotID collects the personal data of the user when the user registers. Generally, the user will register through Facebook, Twitter or gmail account links (in accordance with what the user chooses) to create an account for the user to use the emotID services. More specifically, the user will have to register to create his or her virtual character in order to use the tools related to understanding their emotions and to take part in the emotID community (sending messages to other members, posting of private and public comments, etc.).

Use of Personal Data
When personal data is collected, emotID will not communicate this data to any third parties without the user’s agreement, subject to the limited circumstances specified below under "Area of Communication and Disclosure of Personal Data". If the user decides to provide his or her personal data to emotID, emotID may communicate it internally or to third parties that provide services to emotID for work done on its behalf.

A cookie is a small text file that certain websites send to the user’s hard drive when it visits the site. A cookie may contain information such as the ID of the user that the site is using to check the pages visited, but the only personal information that a cookie can contain is the information provided by the user. A cookie cannot read the data on the user’s hard disk or read the cookies created by other sites. Certain areas of the emotID website, and more specifically the emotID web and mobile applications use cookies to record how the user surfs the site, and especially to manage the user's work session on the browser. If the user does not wish to receive cookies while he or she is surfing the site, the user can program the browser to give notice prior to accepting the cookies and to refuse the cookies when the browser reports the presence of cookies. The user can also refuse all the cookies by deactivating them on his or her browser even though emotID will not be able to guarantee that its applications will work in this case.

Data controller, purpose and methods of processing the personal data collected
The data controller that shall be responsible for processing the personal data collected by registering with the web and mobile applications of emotID is the company: emotID Srl – Bologna (Italy) – VAT Reg. and Tax Code no. 03121451201. emotID processes the personal data of the user for the following general purposes: to allow the registered users to fully use its applications, to meet the requirements regarding specific products or services, to customise the visit of the user in the applications, to update the user (by sending e-mail messages) on the most recent developments with respect to the services or other information that emotID considers to be of interest to the user and to more fully understand the user’s needs and to offer the best possible services to the user. emotID shall process the user’s personal data for the above mentioned purposes in compliance with prevailing law protecting personal data and inspired by the principles of propriety, lawfulness and transparency.

Area of Communication and Disclosure of Personal Data
The user’s personal data will not be communicated outside the emotID world without the agreement of the interested party, subject to the following. Within the emotID organisation, the data shall be stored on controlled servers to which access is limited in compliance with prevailing law on the protection of personal data. When this version of the Information on Personal Data Processing was being drafted, emotID used the Google AppEngine service for its website and applications (please refer to the following for further details: http://code.google.com/intl/it-IT/appengine/). emotID may communicate the personal data of the user to third parties in any of the following cases: when the interested party has given his or her agreement to the communication; when the communication is necessary to provide the Services requested by the user; when the communication is necessary in relation to third parties who work on behalf of emotID to provide the Services requested by the user or to provide the user with the information that emotID believes the user would be interested in to get to know emotID better. emotID will also disclose the personal data of the user if so required by law.

Rights of the User
The personal data of the user will be stored on the servers of the aforesaid Google AppEngine service as long as the user decides to stay registered with the emotID web and mobile applications. The user will be able to write to privacy@emotid.com during this time period to exercise the following rights: get confirmation of whether the personal data that pertain to the user exist or not; get the information to be deleted or blocked, or to get the data updated, changed or completed; object to the processing of the data for legitimate reasons. All the registered users can access their personal data by viewing the profile section which can be reached by clicking the “Change profile” link. The user can use his or her profile page to change their personal data no more than 3 times in order to limit the creation or alteration of an account with false information.

Data Security
emotID has adopted all the security measures and physical, electronic and organisational procedures required under prevailing law to ensure the confidentiality and security of the users. However it is not 100% safe to transmit data via Internet or to store data electronically, so even though emotID has made all reasonable efforts to protect the personal data of the users, it cannot guarantee his or her absolute protection. emotID encourages the users to adopt all necessary safety measures to protect their personal data when surfing on the Internet such as using secure, updated browsers for example.

Minors and Privacy
The emotID Services are not aimed at children. If you find out that your child has provided us with personal information without your agreement, or more generally, that a child has provided us with personal information, please contact us immediately at the following e-mail address: privacy@emotid.com. We will immediately remove said information and delete the child’s account. emotID is very concerned about the protection of minors. Therefore a block that does not allow over-18 users to enter a value lower than 18 in the "Age" search field has been added to the emotID application Search forms. This will prevent an over-18 user from trying to search for all the underage users on an indiscriminate basis, but it will be possible to search for a single underage user, for example by searching with the Name and Surname (for example to allow a parent to check on whether his or her underage child is registered with emotID).

Publication of contents by the emotID users
Emotions are the most natural thing in the world. When someone is feeling an emotion, other people are aware of it because our bodies send signals to the outside world and because our reactions to the emotions are usually clear. The same thing happens in the emotID world! If a user posts his or her comments or any more general Content in the “emotID world”, ALL the users of the emotID Services will be able to see these contents, and will usually also be able to comment on them, just like in the real world where everybody can react to the emotions of others and express their opinions. The emotID users are therefore requested to ONLY post contributions that they are comfortable with sharing with others on the “emotID world”. If this is not the case, the users should:

Third party sites
The emotID website contains links to other sites. emotID does not share the personal data of the user with these sites and is not responsible for what they do in relation to the protection and processing of personal data. emotID requests all its users to look at the privacy policies of said third party websites for a fuller understanding of how they process and gather the personal data.

Amendments to the privacy policies
emotID will amend its privacy policies from time to time. If emotID substantially amends the way it processes the personal data of the users, it will make this information available by publishing a notification on its site, or by sending an e-mail to its registered users.

Questions or suggestions
If there are any questions or doubts with respect to the collection, use for processing, or communication or disclosure of his or her personal data, the user can send an e-mail to the following address: privacy@emotid.com.

This document was updated on 31 January 2012.